whose Got Answers for Racism?

Whose Got Answers???? :::: I walk in spiritual violence and confront hard issues because I know that if I am too cowardly to teach and preach spiritually challenging truth while fasting and praying to push back darkness, I will eventually face violent confrontation in much less important matters.The reason we see racism making a comeback, media manipulation and false flag foolishness creating fear and chaos is because the Body of Christ has not yet taken authority in this issue. We have settled for fake ecumenical unity, fake ethnic identities, and fake holiness.If I’m going to die for anything unexpected, it’s going to be for preaching Christ. If it’s for anything less than that – it’s because I made room for the devil. How are we complaining about the thing we already have the answer for????The devil is under the feet of Jesus Christ. If the devil is not under our feet, it’s because we let him get up by not walking in Christ!Here’s a start:- preach the truth that race is not real, that race is a tool of sorcery. God did not create races, he created families, languages, tribes, and nations.- preach the truth that there is no such thing as white people, there may be Irish people there may be Italian people there may be Polish people, but there are no such thing as white people- preach the truth about what the Scripture says about the scattered tribes of Israel, there are no black people. There are Ethiopian people, there are the scattered tribes of Israel, there are the Scattered Egyptians, there are Nigerians, there are Zimbabweans, but there are no black people.- demonstrate that all tribes, tongue, and nations are made one and Jesus Christ and can worship him together both Rich and Poor.- preach the truth that America is not a righteous nation, it is a modern version of Babylon, a melting pot for the Roman Empire. Salvation is for the people who believe in Jesus, not in America.

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