Self-Defense does not Equal Enmity

Shem Ham and Japeth all had one daddy – Noah. That makes us all brothers. So there’s the end of that.

Believers study HIStory and God given IDentity not to bring out more division and hatred, but to bring an END to the lies, manipulation, and sorcery that Satan uses to keep us divided.

Self-Defense Does not Equal ENMITY

Jesus is defending His people against the sorcery of racism. The Spirit of God is attacking the witchcraft of racism. Not to create more enemies, but to end the enmity in Christ!
If hearing attacks on institutional racism feels convicting to you… then ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse your heart. Go back to the bible. Produce fruit that lines up with biblical faith and let the Body become one new man in Christ.
If hearing someone challenge the racial order of this current empire makes you feel uncomfortable, then get your heart right with God! Fall out of love with the empire and in love with people!

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