the lying son vs the disrespectful son

Jesus told a parable about one son who told his father “yes I’ll do it” and he ended up not doing it at all. The second son disrespected his father upfront and said “no I won’t obey you” but then he changed his mind and actually obeyed his father.
Jesus’ point was that the second son actually did the will of his father and got the reward even though he started out disrespectful. 
A lot of people have made vows to the Lord in the past and they looked super committed in the church services… But it’s really the people that turn their hearts and obey God fully that will get the fruit and the reward in the end. Jesus said it’s he that endures to the END that will be saved. 
Remember your past vows to the Lord and obey Him FULLY. 

If you disrespected God in the past, it’s NOT TOO LATE for you to obey your Father in Heaven and do His will thru the power of His Son Jesus Christ. Many that are last to join the kingdom will end up first place in the kingdom.

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