Black Lives Matter/ Police Brutality & Justice

What we’re dealing with is 2 different issues.

1st issue. black/white racism and sorcery (which is part of the foundation of the American/western empire). African American lives do matter. There has been a concerted attack on AA from every angle, for hundreds of years. This is a real issue.

2nd issue: Police brutality, which really has nothing to do with race. (a lot of crooked cops are black just as much as white). Here are two links that shows research that police are 3 TIMES more violent IN THEIR OWN HOMES, TO THEIR OWN WIVES than NFL players AND 4 TIMES MORE VIOLENT than the general population…and they get away with it. That’s not a black/white problem. That’s a police/ justice system problem.

What some people will try to do is mix the two issues to bring confusion and prevent us from reaching a solution. When people are arguing about two different things at the same time, everything becomes illogical and based on emotions… that way the arguments can go on forever with NO solutions.
More arguments and more media drives more attention which means more advertising dollars for the companies that own media.

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