Protesting in FOOLISHNESS vs Protesting that WORKS

PREACHING the gospel of the kingdom & GIVING to the poor are the most violent acts you can do to destroy the Babylon system.

Protesting in FOOLISHNESS vs Protesting that WORKS

Protesting in the spirit of FOOLISHNESS:

– Getting physically violent without the context of self-defense.

– Rioting and destroying the property of others.

– Complaining in a spirit of bitterness.

– Cursing others and letting anger rest in your heart.

– Lying that you want freedom but really you just want power and money to exercise your lust and lack of self-discipline.
Protesting in the Spirit of ELIJAH (spiritual violence):

– Fasting from food.

– No toleration of corruption, demanding righteousness.

– Proclaiming in the authority of your faith and Explaining your testimony.

– Restricting economic activity and controlling your resources with self-discipline. Money answers all things.

(Elijah stopped the rain. John the Baptist lived in the desert. They boycotted segments of the economy that violated Godly principles).

– Proving that you have the self-discipline and character that free-dominion demands by controlling your own body and your own property.

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