George Whitfield or George Washington???? Who’s your Founding Father?

So a few days ago early in the morning I was doing some research to compare George Washington to George Whitfield so I could demonstrate with simplicity that our nations “Christian Heritage” was NOT due to politicians and hypocrites, but to preachers that preached great awakenings and returns to righteousness.

I actually ended up finding out that the main revivalist that was crucial to the spiritual and political forming of America also campaigned and actively promoted slavery! He took (abolitionist) John Wesley’s Methodist message, corrupted it, then brought it over to the USA. He also had no problem partnering in ministry with unbelievers, deists, and masons like Ben Franklin. His errors were crucial to the mixture and hypocrisy that was rooted in this nation’s foundation and prevails up to this very day! The authority of the believer strikes again. Will the hypocrisy ever stop???

Turns out Whitfield was a Calvinist, even though John Wesley (the abolitionist originator that God gave Methodism to) was against Calvinism. So the spiritual caste system of Calvinism ended up empowering establishing, and solidifying the social race caste system that was setup in the US.

God bring hypocrisy to an end in Jesus name. Church, nothing will change until we change. Our founding father is not George Washington OR George Whitfield… its our Father in Heaven!

2 Chronicles 7:14

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

No Coincidences

Its no coincidence that the hypocrisy embedded in this nation came from the main preacher that supplanted, corrupted, and perverted the message that God gave to John Wesley.

Slavery was banned in Georgia before George Whitfield campaigned, preached it, and promoted it. George Whitfield was also influential to the founding fathers of the United States.

He took John Wesley’s pure Methodist message, mixed it with Calvinism, and brought it to America! He was comfortable doing ministry with Deists and people that did not really believe in the supernatural elements of the gospel. He partnered with Ben Franklin. George Whitfield corrupted the gospel message and used it to promote and solidify chattel caste-based slavery in a nation that hadn’t even been formed yet!

So this confirms my belief that when Jesus said the thief came to steal, kill, and destroy – He wasn’t talking about the devil he was talking about the Pharisees- religious hypocrites steal, kill, and destroy.

So my goal was to find out some information to tell Christians we don’t need to return to George Washington we need to return to George Whitfield. But in reality we need to get George Whitfield out of us too and rid ourselves of the hypocrisy and spiritual caste system.

I knew that Calvinism was a spiritual caste system and it was related to western race based slavery, but I didn’t know the link was actually real, in real life.

It all goes back to the authority of the believer. What we loose on earth is loosed in heaven, so we have to repent because we are responsible.

“In terms of theology, Whitefield, unlike John Wesley, was a supporter of Calvinism. The two differed on eternal election, final perseverance, and sanctification, but were reconciled as friends and co-workers, each going his own way. It is a prevailing misconception that Whitefield was not primarily an organizer like Wesley. However, as Wesleyan historian Rev. Luke Tyerman states, “It is notable that the first Calvinistic Methodist Association was held eighteen months before Wesley held his first Methodist Conference.”[21] He was a man of profound experience, which he communicated to audiences with clarity and passion. His patronization by the Countess of Huntingdon reflected this emphasis on practice.

Religious innovation Edit

In the First Great Awakening, rather than listening demurely to preachers, people groaned and roared in enthusiastic emotion; new divinity schools opened to challenge the hegemony of Yale and Harvard; personal experience became more important than formal education for preachers. Such concepts and habits formed a necessary foundation for the American Revolution.[22][23][page needed]

Advocacy of slavery Edit

In 1735, slavery had been outlawed in the young Georgia colony. In 1749, George Whitefield campaigned for its legalization, claiming that the territory would never be prosperous unless farms were able to use slave labor.[24][page needed] He began his fourth visit to America in 1751 advocating slavery, viewing its re-legalization in Georgia as necessary to make his plantation profitable.[25] Partly through his campaigns and written pleas to the Georgia Trustees, it was re-legalized in 1751. Whitefield purchased slaves, who then worked at his Bethesda Orphanage. To help raise money for the orphanage, he also employed slaves at Providence Plantation. Whitefield was known to treat his slaves well; they were reputed to be devoted to him, and he was critical of the abuse of slaves by other owners.[26][page needed] When Whitefield died, he bequeathed his slaves to the Countess of Huntingdon.[27][page needed] His attitude towards slavery is expressed in a letter to Mr B. written from Bristol 22 March 1751:”

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