Race Does not Exist: One Blood

The whole concept of “race” was invented specifically in Western society to create division, animosity, and justify economic oppression. It is a figment of the Western imagination. It does not actually exist, it is a magic trick – essentially witchcraft.

God created man of one blood. We come from different nations and different tribes and ethnicities, but only one blood. Race was invented as a tool of oppression- it has no link to land. Africa is a land. Europe is a land. Israel is a land. God gave people land. He split us by language and gave us land. He did not give us race.

If you try to trim off a problem instead of going to the root of the problem, the problem will never ever be solved. It will just grow new wicked branches and new wicked leaves and fruit.

Most of the political problems in this nation can be traced back to a class of men creating division between poor whites and poor blacks by making the “black lives” equal to cattle and less then men in the image of God.

They’ve been cutting at branches for so long but the root keeps producing more wicked fruit (from slavery to Jim crow to Lynching and Redlining to Planned Parenthood to the War on Drugs to Straight Outta Compton). It’s all from the same root.

Whatever portion of Western Civilization that is built on this concept is the portion that is about to crumble. Only the portion built on truth will stand.

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