3 on 3: kingdom bait vs demonic error

3 on 3: kingdom bait vs demonic error

When you search the Scriptures, you will find that there are three things that Jesus Christ and the apostles used as bait for the gospel of the kingdom of God:

1. Hardcore and Prophetic Repentance from sin and Teaching the Kingdom
2. Power, Supernatural Healing, and Miracles
3. Acts of Mercy: Compassion and Kindness

If you keep searching, you will also see three main sources of spiritual error and counterfeit evangelism, which are also the three main doctrines that Jesus hates in Revelations 2 and 3:

1. The doctrine of Jezebel: which is spiritual fornication, spiritual adultery and idolatry in partnership with the wicked in a ministry.
2. The doctrine of Balaam: which is bait and switch trickery, partnering with ungodly organizations and partnering with unbelievers, corrupting the church as you preach the gospel.
3. The doctrine of the Nicolaitans: which is using false authority and carnally based power to corrupt the church and force it into error and spiritual adultery and mixture with ungodliness.

When you see a ministry that lacks the Holy Ghost and is devoid of the spiritual grace and anointing to use the first 3 strategies, they will often resort to the second 3 errors.

Then they will claim that they are still spreading the gospel of the kingdom. Do not be deceived, they are only spreading error!

Ask your Father in heaven to enrich you with the power of the Holy Spirit, so that you may spread His kingdom using the strategies of Jesus Christ, not the demonic errors that the devil introduces to deceive and corrupt.

Father, send forth laborers enriched and endowed with the power of the Holy Ghost and the grace of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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