Both Sides Must Submit: Taking a Balanced View

People need to know how to submit to authority and trust God… But people are also responding to a pattern they see in the media.


There are biblical standards for police and government. There are constitutional standards. There are policies that police departments have on paper. But what the people see is a consistent pattern that none of that matters.

Government and Police need to know that God is watching them, and their consequences can be just as severe as what they inflict on the people.

God always replaces corrupt governments when the people trust in Him. He can send another nation to get it done, or a civil war like He did with the South.

We need to pray, obey, and make sure things change by speaking the Word of God with our authority in Christ.

Politically Speaking:

What conservatives don’t realize is that most of them are falling into the bait. Liberals are manipulating their minds, playing chess and they don’t even know it.

As soon as Obama got elected for the last time, you see Trayvon, Mike Brown, Eric Garner… etc. They are fanning a flame that will make it hard for a hypocritical conservative to be elected.

Nobody is going to vote for someone they feel supported killing Trayvon, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, a 12 year old… The media is pumping these things up so conservatives can continue to make themselves look like uncompassionate hypocrites… That’s why taking a balanced view is so important. If you can be baited into displaying hypocrisy, you always lose to the popular opinion.

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