A Generation Saying NO to Hollywood – Choosing to be Builders of the Church

We need a generation of parents and aunties and uncles who will say no to spiritual prostitution and talent prostitution.

We don’t need your Hollywood, we don’t need your music industry! We don’t need your TV fame!!! We don’t need your movies!!!!

We need strong FAMILIES and strong CHURCHES that take authority in the earth in the beauty of holiness!!!

My child is talented but he will not be your spiritual prostitute or your super-whore bi-spiritual music producer!!!

My child is beautiful but she is not for sale!!! She is not your model or your actor or your prostitute or your hypocrite!
Not now, not when she turns 18, never!

Somebody needs to share this message in every church in America. We chase the world every generation and it backfires every single generation. When will we learn?

I put out this message last August. Thank God for this message getting out in Charisma Magazine:

“I was sitting in a green room with a well-known individual when my wife walked in, holding our little princess. The gentleman sitting next to me took notice of what her mom and I already knew.

“That girl is absolutely gorgeous!” he exclaimed. Then he added, “She needs to be on TV.”

Instinctively, I responded, “I love her too much to prostitute her to the world like that.”

Extreme? Not at all. I’m not interested in raising a star. I’m raising a saint!

Right now, the world is watching as Justin Bieber becomes the latest to take the all-too-familiar path that so many have blazed before him. It’s striking to see how many of these fallen stars begin their ascent to fame in the church. They left God’s house for the promise of bright lights, adoring fans and big paydays. Many times they end up in the jailhouse, crack house or funeral home. ”

I say stuff like this all the time. It sounds crazy… but my kids are not going to be spiritual whores no matter how beautiful or talented they are. They are not actors or performers or models they are worshippers and servants of God and builders of His Church.

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