ANY JACKDONKEY CAN SAY IT: Lessons from the Doctrine of Baalaam

Lessons from the Doctrine of Baalaam… any slightly gifted donkey or talented false prophet can sense what the Spirit of God is saying and put together an oratory message or a writing expressing it – so they can capitalize off of it.

The Lord is looking for DOERS of the Word, not hearers only, nor talented parrots or hypocrites. Take up your Cross with ACTION, follow Jesus Christ and Worship Father God in Spirit and in Truth. Do exactly and only what God told you to do, with exactly whom God told you to do it with. Obey His voice fully not partially, with no selfish strategies or shortcuts. Meditate the Bible day & night. Separate from worldly minded false systems and ideas and walk in Holiness. Tear Down the False, Rebuild the Truth. Build the Kingdom of God not the kingdoms of men.

Read Numbers 22 on

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