Defense Wins Championships

In the kingdom of God, the spirit of Elijah plays defense, and it prepares the way for the king of kings who is Jesus Christ.

The spirit of Elijah plays defense against idolatry and iniquity that sneaks in to destroy the church from the inside.

In yesterdays NCAA championship, Michigan was well known as the nation’s best offensive team. They have the best point guard in the nation and a bunch of shooters.

Likewise, Louisville has been well-known this year as college basketball’s best defensive team. They have a great shot blocker, a great rebounder, and their guards apply pressure full court and get lots of steals.

Well if you saw the game last night you know who won it all – Louisville. You know what they say, “defense wins championships.”

At the Protest, and in your ticket/book “Killing Idols for Revival” you will be equipped to do the hard and necessary defensive spiritual work in the kingdom of God.

Stealing the works of sin, blocking the shots of iniquity, and rebounding true covenant love back into the church is the difficult and unsexy part of the game, but it gets the win. The accurate prayer, preaching, and upholding of God’s true covenant love is what it’s going to take to prepare the way of the Lord and for the kingdom of God to win spiritual championships.

This is why even Jesus Christ himself said, “the spirit of Elijah comes first.”

Don’t miss the Protest! Get your ticket/book today!

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