SoSpression Blog Summary October 2012

SoSpression Blog Summary October 2012

People from nations all over the world log in to the SoSpression blog every day. Here are the top messages for the month of October 2012:

Dependent on Government

The Word and the Spirit Work TOGETHER to Glorify Jesus Christ


When the Crowd Goes Wide, Its an Honor to Remain on the narrow road


It’s a Privilege not to be a Bastard


Every Time I Point A Finger at the Word of God, 9 other fingers point back at me


What’s the difference between Sin and Iniquity?


Perfection is a Requirement, Because Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus Is Christianity


Even with Everything Satan has done, GOD will still have His Way!


How Can You Tell if There’s a Wolf in Sheeps clothing in the flock?


Satan Knows Wisdom, and He Knows Power


The Patience of God is a 2 edged Sword


Question: what kind of spiritually blind idiot waits until Judgment Day to find out if what they were doing was right?


Gods Vindication is So Thorough


Spiritual Food Chain


Just a Little Bit of False Teaching Permeates the Whole Body – Just like a Yeast Infection


When Deception Came


They Hate the Fire Alarm they can see, but they Don’t Hate the Arsonist, who they Can’t See


I Used to Wonder Why Old People Sang Thanks and Praises to God for “Waking Me Up This Morning”


Gods Judgment


How the Devil Uses Moneychangers to Steal Kill Destroy


If You Don’t Hold Back God Won’t Hold Back!


Bloody and Deceitful Men Shall Not Live Out Half Their Days


Ducking & Hiding the Word is Dangerous


Evangelism – Holiness = Counterfeit Evangelism


Avoiding Todays Obedience


Sheep, Wolf, or Swine? Which one Are YOU?


Bi-Spirituals Go Both Ways


I Used to Pray for the Harvest, Now I Pray for Revival, because the American Church is Officially Dead


Biblical Tools so that you can Teach and Discern Holiness vs Hypocrisy and “Pharisees”



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