Even with Everything Satan has done, GOD will still have His Way!

Even with Everything Satan has done – GOD Will Still Have His Way!

After 10 years of praying for sustained revival and a move of harvest labor in Detroit, Ive watched us come to the brink of a breakout. Then I’ve seen revival literally stolen from Detroit, and instead of crime going down in the city, crime has gone up and chaos has increased. Instead of mass repentance in the church, we see more mass corruption in the church. Instead of the healing of the land, we’ve got 90% of the apple trees in Michigan with no apples this year. Not to mention other crops like corn harmed because of the midwest drought. The harvest has been stolen in the spiritual realm and in the natural realm.

But Even though the Spirit of Elijah has been replaced by the spirit of Jezebel, even though the prayer movement has been supplanted by branding department, and even though a whole generation headed towards holiness has been corrupted and diverted into spiritual adultery – I believe GOD will STILL have His way in my city!

Everything Satan has done to prevent, corrupt, supplant, and divert revival in Detroit just lets me know how much God really wants a true, permanent and sustainable revival in Detroit. GOD will have HIS way in my generation.

Why? Because He has used satan’s corruption of the many to purify and train the few for the battle!

GOD is jealous with love for His people and He will have a generation that seeks His face… So the King of Glory can come in!

Psalms 24

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