Unmistakeable Proof that Jay Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna are following satan | God LOVES Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Omarion, Timbaland, and others…

Unmistakeable Proof that Jay Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna are following satan | God LOVES Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Omarion, Timbaland, and others…

Wherever you see sin and idolatry in entertainment, you can be sure that demonic activity and satan worship is present. Not just the blatant-satan worshippers, but all fornicators (adulterers) and covetous music (money lovers), which is idolatry.

Whoever said entertainment is not spiritual is a lie. Jay Z knows and admits that he follows Lucifer. Beyonce’ literally admits demon possession and cries out for a savior in her interviews and songs… pray for theIr REPENTENCE and SALVATION.

Let’s pray for those that are trapped by the enemy. Let us also expose truth and light so that people can free themselves from connection to darkness. There is a whole generation of men who idolize Jay Z, and a whole generation of women who idolize Beyonce’.

In this article you will see various links that will expose the language, patterns, and symbols that prove the open and outright devil worship that the music of Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Omarion, and others is inspiring around the globe. Language, patterns, and symbols are signs of intelligence, and signs of a designer. To deny the truth after seeing it is preposterous and self-condemning.

God’s LOVE is amazingly powerful. He LOVES Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna and all the other idol and demon worshippers that create and listen to their music. He loves them enough to rescue them as soon as they call upon the name of Jesus Christ with sincerity.

Jesus died, and He rose from the dead to prove He has the original power over death. He is the only King of all Kings, and His Blood is powerful enough to pay the price for your sins and the sins of all humans. As long as you are not dead yet, it’s not too late to turn around!

27: And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Hebrews 9

That means if you are not dead yet, you haven’t faced judgment yet. You can still turn to depend on Jesus Christ the only Messiah and King.

God can save you if you love this kind of music, but did not know that it was the deception of the devil seducing you slowly into devil worship. No demon has the right to your soul until you die and face judgment.

Proof that Jay Z is a Luciferian Mason:

Watch the whole series (11 videos) if you have time: These 5 are just some of the eyeopeners that show Jay Z openly confessing Luciferian principles and the philosophy of satan worshippers.

JayZ Deception 1


Jay Z Deception 4


JayZ Deception 5


JayZ Deception 7


Jay Z Deception 9


Beyonce Admits demonic Possession with her own mouth:


This video series helps you understand how Jay Z introduced Beyonce to a higher level of demonic servitude with the hit song “Crazy In Love”

Beyonce, Sasha Fierce, and Demon Possession, – Part 1 of 5


Beyonce, Sasha Fierce, and Demon Possession – Part 2 of 5


Beyonce, Sasha Fierce, and Demon Possession – Part 3 of 5


Beyonce, Sasha Fierce, and Demon Possession – Part 4 of 5

Beyonce, Sasha Fierce, and Demon Possession – Part 5 of 5

This website shows how Rihanna’s Umbrella song was about her being introduced to the same satanic servitude by Jay Z. Notice how it is the exact same storyline as Beyonce’s Crazy in Love video.


This website shows how Omarion’s song “Icebox” video shows the same language, symbols, and patterns that all mean “I’m going to worship Satan now.” In this video, its Timbaland instead of Jay – Z who is the leader into satan.


Many people don’t want me to talk about this, and expose the light. But God said:

11:  Have NO FELLOWSHIP with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather REPROVE them. (dont just be quiet about it)

12: For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.
13: But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

Ephesians 5

Reprove: elegcho (greek)

  1. to convict, refute, confute
    1. generally with a suggestion of shame of the person convicted
    2. by conviction to bring to the light, to expose
  2. to find fault with, correct
    1. by word
      1. to reprehend severely, chide, admonish, reprove
      2. to call to account, show one his fault, demand an explanation
    2. by deed
      1. to chasten, to punish

God also said this:

22: And of some have compassion, making a difference:
23: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

Jude 1

With some people you can have compassion and show them the difference between righteousness and unrighteousness. With others it takes fear and hatred of sin. Whatever it takes, you need to rescue yourself and then rescue others.

You can take authority over your soul by speaking and confessing the KINGship of Jesus Christ every chance you get. You also need to consistently renounce all demon inspired music and entertainment out loud. Satan is the father of liars and all lies. If it seems harmless, but the source is not God, it’s probably a lie. Don’t be lazy. Seek truth and facts and sources.

If catchy satanic songs like these get stuck in your head you may even want to remix them out loud with choruses and verses about Jesus Christ the Messiah. Take authority over your own soul.

If you want to be a follower of Christ, please know that time for Him to return is close. It is the last days. Make time to pray and separate your mind from wicked entertainment. Baptize yourself in the presence of God, the Word of God, Godly music, and turn off the TV. You also want to be extreme in your devotion to prayer and fellowship with believers in Christ all throughout the week, not just Sunday. Fasting is powerful as well.

Share this note with everyone you know that needs salvation! If everybody shares this note with 10 people, this message could reach 100,000 people in the next 2 weeks!


– SoSpression also wrote the book entitled Killing Idols for REVIVAL. Read it if you Love Jesus and want to see Revival in your City.

76 Responses

  1. Why are not minister’s speaking out and educating children and teenagers about these satanic so-called celebrities?

    • Possibly because the Churches have Satanic preachers in them now. Some have Religious TV shows where the preach about money. Some make the hand sign of the Baphomet (Devil Horns; looks like “I love you” in sign language) while holding the bible and preaching. Many churches are adorned with Masonic and satanic symbols and architecture. Beware, many artists are indoctrinated…Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, Jada and Will Smith, Jamie Fox, Kid Cudi, Kanye…, gosh SO MANY!!

      It’s really sad but, they know exactly what they are Doug and they have in fact made a pact to destroy our youth. Dont be fooled.

    • dis ish is disgusting, you totally right br…

    • FromTheHeartChurchMinistries.org, its a good church, and alot of people leave because he is one of the few, real pastors, who lives by what he teaches, also if you look on youtube the info. is there for free, type the truth inside hiphop or i think it is the trth about hip hop, and guys why are we tripping, if you read the bible you would have seen this coming, weare told the word will wax worse and worse, God is going to win anyway, also whatever you guys do, dont challege sasha or the devil, or any demon for that matter, my ancestors were deeply rooted in this dark stuff, and my grandma ended it by becming a christian, but i stll know alotof stuff, some stuff if i told you would make you wanna sleep with the ligh on, or make you paranoid, for example, 2 mental disorders are really cases of demon posession, skitsophrania, and multi personlity disorder. and onceagain dont challenge dark tings they can and will come afteryou,an you wont sleep for nigts, all we can do is pray, the gates of hell can not prevail aginst the church, and when we say church we mean christians worldwide

    • Why are you so bothered about music? Just don’t listen to it.

      I would be more worried about your president invading every country in the name of god and freedom. That is true evil!

      • lvng God ws nt a sin h8ng satan was nt a sin hvng angels around me is a true blessng…. Why put urslf into hell just 4 money an 4 bng fms?…. Im so proud of bng fms in God’s eyes…

  2. This and other previous posts have opened my eyes to so much in the past couple weeks. i have begun to realize myself some of these twisted songs, and what they mean.

  3. “what good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose his soul?” beyonce, jay-z, rihanna and all the others should be asking themselves this question.

  4. Wow, people really need to open there eyes and listen to what their kids are listening to, people need to speak about this and tell everyone that will listen!

  5. I saw the videos, and the more I think about it, I realize just how much impact secular rap music have on young people everywhere. It is happening right before our eyes. There are Christians who love these people. The youth ministries are not talking about music in their services. What’s up with that? Do they think that those of us who believe this are being super spiritual? I hae heard that before.

  6. All along top celebrities have been linked to Devil worship only that they cover their evil activities. the expositor is needed more so in africa where most young people worship these idols without understanding their ways and lifestyle

    from nairobi kenya

  7. EX-Ministries.com and goodfight.org break a lot of the demonic influence behind music. You can see Jim Morrison of The Doors manifesting in concert and a demon screaming thru him talking about owning or ruling the world. You can also see MTV talking about owning your children. Both are thru goodfight.org. Go to the Exposes and click on either side of the theatre screen. Also, go on Youtube and search for damn shame. There are 3 videos that break show you the entertainers who are gay and/or have sold their souls.

  8. Reading this really opened my eyes to two of my favorite songs! I never realized the severity of the lyrics until now. It’s unbelievable.

  9. This is sooo true! I need to do more research…i wanna understand more about the sibliminal messeging. Its so sad. Even if we do turn off the radios the music is still in the movies and even in the stores where we shop. Its everywhere.

  10. OK. We all agree on our love for God and how we should not be idolators, worshipers of false gods etc as per the 10 Commandments. Why then do we ignore the Fourth Commandment – “REMEMBER the SABBATH day and KEEP it HOLY”?

  11. This is mind blowing..I am 15 years old and I listen to these people all the time. My eyes are opened now. I guess i saw this coming because the bible says that all music that isn’t of god is demonic right? The only way we’ll know 100% is by getting to heaven and asking god!!!!!!

    • same thing here. . . im 16 years old & my mind is blown. its amazing how the devil tries to drown us w/ all these things. but all we can do is pray that God changes their life completely & immediately.

      • well another way is to check a band and make sure before listening to them.

      • o m g, m 16 2. I neva thout of dis as a possible reality. But i’have opened my eyes now.i loved deir music like crazy. We are drowing people, BEWARE!

    • Revelation 21:3,4, know it?

      That talks of paradise on earth, not going to heaven. Mind blown again?

  12. Honestly. The information you show on your site is REALLY good but, these days nobody listens if any thing about salvation is mention. or God for that matter. So when explaining this, I suggest show the info about the artist first.

  13. I belive all the what you say and the funny think is that jayz tell you america that he worships the devil and yet yall still listen to him and go to his concerts. this blog gets an A+ from me

  14. I believe that the “west” has always had this power over the world because of feeding us such crap. We listen and watch without even clearly understanding what they are saying. Wr end up behaving like them and supporting them not knowing what their intentions are.
    I am happy that there are sites where we can learn and finally see these people “celebrities” for who they are. No wonder tyoday’s youth is a mess it’s because of unconsiuosly supportinng evil.

    • ellen not evreryone in the west as u call us, is responsible, we are citizens who are kept in the dark, we are not told everything, we didnt even know about the cold war till much later,and also it is not just the west, its worldwide, remember satan was the minister of music, before God cast him out, he maipulates everyone like puppets, and by you thinking it is just the west, you are basically falling for his tricks.

  15. I think all these wrong doers should be punished, and exposed so that everyone in the world can be aware of them.


  17. At 1:34 minutes see her wearing horned goat ring

  18. i was a big fan of both beyonce and jay z but after hearing
    about wat they support and why do it .. my state of mind changed completely.. where i could hadly if hear one of there songs… but i will support them… by praying and asking GOD to bring them to him where he is more wonderful then santan..

  19. i am achristian and iy hurts to see these ppl like . i have prayed for them and i hope it benefits

  20. I thought this was very meaningful and helpful for all the young adullts who want to be forerunners for Christ and struggle with music

  21. i think ppl need to pray more and pray that their souls be renewd everyday,because God said he who thinks they will see Him 1day cleanse themselves evryday,im so worried aboout my lil’ sis,she loves Beyonce,Alicia,lil wayne and Rihanna.but i knw that i can change things if i pray hard enough,and wats up with the Ed Hardy label?

  22. A lot of them I totally could believe because of Tupac’s murder, (kanye seems lost but a devil worshiper is hard to believe but with beyonce perhaps)
    but I doubt all music that has nothing to do with God is demonic.
    On the other hand if you really look into some of their eyes you can see the darkness.
    how can you tell who is a devil worshiper?

  23. guys, you are really good. Was becoming a good fan of the rest and was a good fan of beyonce. Thanks a lot guys for opening my eyes. We have to rise against these principalities and work for the kingdom of God. Its hard to qiut but we can through Jesus himself. The bible says greater is he that is within us than the devil in this world:). If you have more info, feel free to share it with me (maboke.mahlo@gmail.com). Im looking forward to your updates guys. Love you all

  24. guys, you are really good. Was becoming a good fan of the rest and was a good fan of beyonce. Thanks a lot guys for opening my eyes. We have to rise against these principalities and work for the kingdom of God. Its hard to qiut but we can through Jesus himself. The bible says greater is he that is within us than the devil in this world:). If you have more info, feel free to share it with me. Im looking forward to your updates guys. Love you all

  25. i wont to learn more.
    bout this.
    this is crazy why do they do stUff .
    like this.
    plz dont listin to nun off they music.
    no more.
    they is badd people All of them.


  26. may God have mercy upon and open our spiritual eyes and give us wisdom and knowldge from above so we can see and know that this are signs of his soon coming.Let us get ready to meet our Saviour i pray that his holy hand be upon us and help us to stay in the faith. God is faithfull and loving he will never leave us to fight this battle alone let us always remember that as we invite him in every part of our lives.Remember the battle is not ours but the Lord’s and Jesus Christ has already won it on the cross. May his faithfulness , his countenance and mercy abide with us all as we journey and awaiting his second coming

  27. Wow…to hear this its reallly mind blowing

  28. The rational Christianity of today where almost every professes that all they do is for God is not reality.these guys are not even ashamed to publicly portray there satanic worship through signs language.The music without doubt no wonder you young people are hooked to the extent of wanting to be like jazz,beyonce etc.

  29. The Bible does teaches us that in the last days it will be a time of great deception and lies, and that we are to be aware of these times. They need to be exposed as Worldy people who do not worship God Almighty, but the devil they are who are trying to destroy the lives and ultimately the souls of our young people.

  30. lets pliz turn to Christ.it doesnt matter the sins that u have done before Christ can still save u.

  31. I ‘d rad so many stories about Jay-zee introducing people to his Devil World and worship Lucifer. I dont like Devil either but I cant stop listening to their songs. I love Rihanna and Beyonce’s songs with all my heart. Gospel music is boring me, the only time i enjoy it, it when im in church. I think and believe that Devil’s worshipers are Rich and got everything they need. One day I even posted to Beyonce, asking her how do you become a satanist because I wanna.

    • Oh why would you say that it breaks my heart when people think that Satan brings more then God!
      So from this all you are saying is that you want to go to hell just because you want to be RICH come On is that what you really want because God cares for you and he loves you but still you would rather be rich!

    • ouh pls i pray 4 u,u truly nid jesus in ur life

    • What the hell? You should think before you say stuff like that! Do you really want to worship SATAN? The one who made our lives miserable? The one who made Adam And Eve eat from the Un allowed Tree? Yo shud think twice before turning urself into ur own worst nightmare…………… THINK!

  32. iam so suprized and very upset at those celebrities because iam a teenager and we look up to them! i LOVE Beyonce Knowles and am very suprized @ this!!!!!!!!!!!! the main celebrity possessed by demonic activities are LADY GAGA and the media should’nt be playin any of her songs and video clips…… help the technology infested generation and HOLLYWOOD SNAP OUTT of THIS!!!!!!!!

  33. We really need to pray for them. They are deceiving themselves and the rest of the world that are not strong believers of Jesus. It’s sad to see artist that spoke about God so openly are now ashamed of the same God that gave them their talent. All I have to say is that the coming Of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST is very soon!

  34. I’m so scared, it’s horrible u know!!! OMG….

  35. Although I don’t know much about the three but it’s good to pray for anyone you know to come to God. However, I wonder what ‘Idolatry’ means to you. According to the bible, ‘Idolatry’ is worshiping of other things other than God, At the beginning of your message you were right when u mentioned ‘Not just the blatant-satan worshippers’ and also you talked of money lovers, which is true because once you love money, you’ll put it first which is worshiping it. But in the same paragraph you are calling everything idolatry! Some things are sins, but they don’t qualify to be called Idols. Like you said fornicators being people who were worshiping idols (Devil worshippers). If God comes back, fornicators will not see heaven. I agree that. But that doesn’t fall under Idolatry! Idolatry is when someone believes that his/ her savior or his/ her best thing in life is something else other then God, hence placing God second, third, or so. That means he/ she is worshiping that thing e.g. money. BUT being a fornicator doesn’t mean taking that fornication to be the savior. Someone could be a fornicator but doesn’t take the act to all he/ she wants in life(most important in life), and she/ he believes God is the most powerful. Infact, this fornicator might be the one who really give God thanks whenever he/ she is promoted in any way. It’s true that however this fornicator runs to God whenever there’s problem or thanks God always, if he/ she doesn’t change, he/ she’ll not see heaven coz he/ she’s a sinner. BUT he/ she doesn’t fall under Idol worshipping(devil worshipping).

    You also talked of people saving themselves. People do repent then God saves them from sin by accepting their repentence. So God is the one who saves.

    Otherwise your message was fine, infact today you’ll here a teenager committing suicide because the parent has refused him/ her to go and watch her favourite musician who’ll heve visited the town. There’s a lot of Idolatry today.

  36. omw u can see they look possesd in their videos…not listening to them anymore…i also hated rihanna even before i found out she was the devil!

  37. wow they really dontwantus to know the truth they took the video down lol

  38. Thnx 4 kipin us informd.

  39. I believe what your saying media has completely become Satanic and un-awhere of the truth in fact many people are being coherrently decieved by the evil that surrounds and everyone thinks it’s funny and wants to “Idolize them” I see our world is greatly become the epicenter of wars and chaos. Everyone wants to go away from god and despise hm as if hes dead. I am a devout Judeao-christian in fact what is happening in Isreal is the epicenter of our ultimate reality. I am a believer that faith has diminished and people love the hate, destruction, sin, adultery, and fornication that surrounds us and god will apear and not let them into the heavens ……..

  40. you know the devil is realy using the people we know and the music we love to get his own people,i mean he is doing wat ever he can to win bt i asure you that the devil is a lair He will never win.I am a big believer and i trust in God and the holly spirit that lives in us ,as long as you are born again you will surely concer the thing of this world ,for we are nt of this world.I realy have Faith in God 4 we can do all things in him. in conclusion : we hav to pray always or without season so that they evil or the devil bondage can be broken from them in Jesus name

    • My friends are these artists’ biggest fans,singing and imitating their actions and dances. I wish I could say something but ….they probably won,t listen.

  41. GOD we serve neva fails. Plz 4ward me similar links and signs of the devil and ways on how to defeat him

  42. the devil works in so many ways and music is another way he can get his worshippers….i just pray that God helps each and everyone of us to have spiritual eyes and ears


  44. This is true, people need to realise the fact that christ is our life and savour .

  45. God loves you all who are in the hand of the devil he hasnt turned his back aganist you so i suggest that come back to him and you will enjoy for the rest of your lifes.

  46. Okay, so im a 14yearold girl and I dont practice any religion. Not going to lie, I practically worship rihanna and beyonce. I must have over 50 posters of them in my room, and I listen to my rihanna cd’s every single day. I guess you could say its a little obsessive, and I know what you will all think. Although these basically prove theyre satanists, Im not going to change/stop listening to their music. I LIVE for Rihanna. I will always love rihanna and beyonce. #RihannaNavy till I die. Nothing anyone says will change the love I feel towards them.

  47. Lady Gaga makes it so blatant, she released a song called Judas. And to be honest, i really like that song.


  49. They are good singers but if they worship Satan thats bad.Starting from today im not gonna listen to their music again because there music is also satanic ,these guys are using their music to attract us so that we follow them and do the same things they are doing .Teenagers why cant we stop listening to the music of all these bad guys and listen to our trusted local music because if we dont stop praying will be a waste of time because no man can serve 2 Gods.

  50. Wow this is a Shocking Truth. Thank u 4 Opening my Eyes!!!

  51. I think what humanity needs is lots and lots of prayer. These people have chosen their side, instead of standing here and sounding all OMG, where are the soldiers for Christ. Its time we take a stand and continue where the 12 apostles left off. Carry on spreading the word and being fishers of man. Saving the lost and standing fast in faith and producing good works. So that when the Lord comes we are found worthy to be called his…

  52. I’m jus viewing th world, n I see how bad ths musaq is, it hs playd a big role in destroying th youth, all they wnt is money, drugs n sex n thnx 2 ths musaq. Its like they’r advetising all th bad n destroyng thngs. We gotta b carefull n prayerfull peeps. Devil ain’t playn’ games, he means business. Glory be 2 God 4 we know th truth nw

  53. I am a muslim, and I appreciate your thoughts. I too believe that all these modern forms of entertainment are somehow ‘dragging’ individuals away from their’ religions, and we must work together eliminating evil and devilish entertainment, and although it seems almost impossible, the least we could do if inform others about this, as so, like us, they too can spread the word. We will fight against the anti-christ, and will continue to – together. 🙂

    • I appreciate your comment, but you have to be in Christ to be not considerd antiChrist. I encourage you to find out more about Jesus, the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. Jesus is the only way to God

  54. i thnk its da truth dat jay z nd beyonce are satanist or devil worshipper

  55. I know you will probably delete it, but I just don’t get the logic. Christians believe in existance of demons, angels, talking donkey (Balaam’s ass), Jesus walking on water, and yet they will laugh at anybody believing in vampires, zombies, leprechauns, etc. Huh?

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