Religious Hypocrite Leaders Resist the Holy Ghost

Religious Hypocrite Leaders do everything they can to stamp out Revival and resist the Holy Ghost but when the wolves are consuming the flock they offer little resistance! They are hirelings at best. Most are thieves and robbers themselves that’s why they are comfortable partnering with thieves and robbers. So they plot in secret against Jesus but they partner with Judas and say “Give us Barabbas” because they are thieves not servants of God. Be careful of so called religious leaders who resist the Holy Spirit. They are thieves and robbers.

Acts 7:51
Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.



Bible vaccines are watered down corrupted forms of truth that prevent people from actually obeying or understanding the truth. People resist the truth because they think they already know it, but they can’t obey it.

It’s kind I like when you preach the gospel to a sinner that lives a life of sin, and they say “I’m Catholic I went to mass last week and prayed to Mary and Jesus.” They live a life of sin because they’ve been vaccinated against the truth.

Bible Vaccines work the same way. You preach the truth, and people say “I heard about that at church already.”

But they live totally against it, because they didn’t really get the truth, they got a BIBLE VACCINE.

“I don’t have to live holy, I’m already Baptist.”

“My profanity is okay, I’m Methodist and I pray everyday at night.”

“Its okay for people to take the mark of the Beast, I’m Reformed, and John MaCarthur said…”

“I know I’m saved, I prayed the prayer at so-and-so’s concert…”
“I heard so and so’s teaching about that…”

Okay, well why are you living the opposite?

The BIBLE VACCINE made them comfortable so that when they hear the real truth or are asked to obey the truth, they don’t really have to because they “Already know about that.”

Real Truth, if accepted, always results in full obedience to Christ, and glorifies Christ as King and in Control. Real truth requires submission to Jesus and following His Crossy and Bloody example of self-sacrifice.

Real truth is a road for the few, not the masses. Real truth is against the crowd, it doesn’t follow the crowd. Real truth is Love. Love does not rejoice in iniquity, it rejoices in the truth! If the worldly minded love you, you are not in the Christ that they crucified, or in the truth.

BIBLE VACCINES make you comfortable, but they do not make you obedient. Bible Vaccines work well at first, but then over a period of time (4-7 years) you will find obedience, growth, maturity, and fruitfulness to be very difficult.

Bible Vaccines cause you to choose the lesser of two evils. People that love God don’t choose the lesser of two evils. They choose God. People that choose the lesser of two evils go to hell.

Does that sound harsh? Well the reason it’s true is because when you choose the lesser of two evils, evil maintains control. Thats one of evil’s smartest and most effective strategies for maintaining control.

People that love God give God control. People that love God choose God and choose obedience, even when its not comfortable. I’d much rather be troubled by truth than comforted by lies… Truth endures forever and always produces positive change! When you are obedient, you bear real lasting fruit, and the Holy Spirit gives you comfort.