Have a BIG view of God, and a Small View of Yourself

You have to have a huge and idealistic view of God and what He is doing, but you can’t have an idealistic view of yourself. You have to have a small view of yourself, and realize that’s it’s the little steps of obedience you take that God does BIG things with.

The simple and little consistent efforts you make of walking with God is what God uses to make BIG things happen.

In other words, the little things you do matter to a BIG GOD who Loves YOU!

Hebrews 11
Matthew 25
1 Samuel 15:17
Judges 6:12-16

The Ministry Exchange

If you provide the heart that reads the Word with an open heart ( not a closed heart)
God provides revelation
Then you provide a sacrificed life
God provides the anointing of power
If you are diligent using that power
God provides provision
If you provide the obedient love
God provides continuously changed lives