Obey King Jesus like you Obey your Governors

HeadCovering (Women) – Nah
Head UnCovering (Men) – Nah gimme that pope fish hat
Keeping the Sabbath – Nah
Assembling together much more – if i feel like it
Bread & Cup – Maybe
House to House Discipleship – if I have time
Tongues with Interpretation – Naw just tongues
Praise & Worship – maybe
Listening to Qualified Overseers – if I feel like it
Systematic Giving – sometimes
Not Eating with Christian fornicators – Huh?

Wearing an Oxygen-Restricting Mask Outside in Fresh Air – 😷😷😷😷

Masks don’t work to stop CV19, plus prolonged use of masks produces the same hypoxia that you get from the the actual respiratory virus overflow.

How much sense does it make to wear an oxygen restricting mask out in fresh air?

Unless you live next to a volcano, or in toxic smog, why would you restrict your respiratory system’s access to oxygen and weaken your immune system and your mental abilities?


Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

I can’t wait till Believers respond to the Ordinances of King Jesus like they respond to the ordinances of their Governors. 😷