Never be Just an Artist

Rapping just to rap is unproductive. Why? Because rap at its best is only a tool to enhance a message for an organization. What organization are you building? Is it an entertainment label, a ministry, a company that you’re doing advertising for, or is it education oriented?

Every one has to be employed by someone even if it’s their own self. If I say “I’m a writer” – you have no idea what I’m writing for or if my writing is productive. But if I say, I’m a sports writer for ESPN or a newspaper or I publish books about fashion, or I’m a technical writer for an engineering firm, then you know where my productivity is.

It’s the same thing with music. As an artist, you must determine very quickly what type of organization you will be investing your artistic talent into building. That alone can determine your results, your rewards, your spiritual eternity (heaven or hell), and your income.

Will I express for the alcohol industry? Will I express for the educational industry? Will I express for the church? Will I express for a company that creates a physical product?

Never be just an artist or just a musician or just a singer. You will just end up selling yourself. If all you are selling is your talent and skill, you will end up a talent prostitute. If all your label sells is talent, it’s just a talent whorehouse.

Decide what you will build, and build with purpose. My recommendation is to build the Church of Jesus Christ, that work will give you the most rewards for eternity. If needed, supplement your income with education or physical industry, never with alcohol or entertainment based businesses.