It’s not the wrong destroying America, it’s the ones pretending to be Right

It’s not the people that are wrong that are destroying America. It’s the people that are PRETENDING to be right. God doesn’t ask the wrong to do right in order to change things, He asks the right to actually be right and stop being hypocrites and pretenders! 2nd Chronicles 7:14″If MY people…”

God only needs a small percentage of consistent righteousness to abundantly bless a locality. IF you think our nation is being destroyed, ask yourself this: If all God needed was 10 righteous men to save Sodom and Gomorrah, how come he can’t find 10 in our churches?

Nationalism and Culturalism Make you Comically blind

The citizens that empowered and enabled Hitler were Christians that wanted to see the greatness of their “great nation” and “their people” more than they wanted to see the greatness of the gospel and the great name of Jesus.

Nationalism and culturalism always turns into the most tragic idolatry because they both make you comically blind.