dj SOS 2008 Albums of the YEAR!

I know I’ve been slacking on the reviews for a minute, but no mas. Here’s my 2008 albums of the year:
Hip Hop:
Lecrae “Rebel”
Hands down… it hit top 10 on itunes, was #4 in Jet magazine… it made a lot of noise, and it was worth it. Lyrically, better than ever, Musically HOT, production top notch. You gotta get all the songs on this album!
Kiki Sheard “Bold Right Life”
This album is IMPECCABLE. I haven’t heard such a solid album in a long time. It’s like Canton Jones Password: You literally don’t have to skip ANYTHING. In this album Kierra shows that she is not just a talented singer, but a leader and voice for her generation, who is humbly seeking to follow Jesus. Uncompromisingly exalting the name of Jesus, she is bold enough to glorify Him exclusively and on purpose. THIS ALBUM IS FULL  OF HITS. The production is FIRE, its a djs dream!
Gospel Choir
Tye Tribbett  “Stand Out”
THIS ALBUM IS ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS EVER. Tye Tribett just keeps getting better and better; probably because He stays focused on Jesus! He goes deep into Rock and worship for a few songs, has the gospel songs, and even raps in his first hip hop song! This album has so many styles, it keeps your attention the whole album. Tye Tribbett is a visionary leader, and a Faithful Witness to the Word of God.
Worship Rock
Shana Wilson “The Nations Are Waiting… LIVE IN WORSHIP”
Yes I’m a dj, but in my home life I listen more to worship rock music. Shana Wilson’s album is FIRE all the way through. She mixes the gospel vibe with the rock vibe… This is quality music to focus your heart on God. Its right up there with Delirious?, stuff, and Hillsongs. My wife tells me not to play it when she is doing something because she can’t do anything but seek God and pray when this album is on! You need to pick it up!
Dietrick Haddon “Revealed”: Every Deitrick album is a Banger. Period.
Ambassador “Milk to Meat”: Solid, Weighty, Lyrically Excellent. I envy the FRUIT Ambassador’s ministry has. (With a Godly Jealousy:-)
2103 “Total Attention”: Very Very Very good album.
Flame “Our World Redeemed” Not just Joyful Noise, the whole album is chock full of hits.
Mary Mary “The Sound”: The hits are SO hitting.
Trip Lee “20/20” : Lots of good songs, lots of good teaching, and some bona fide hits.
Stuff on My list to Get SOON and I’m Excited about it!
K-Drama “Boom Baptism”
Leon Timbo
JAZ “The Walk”
Marvin Winans Jr. “Image of A Man”
Damita Haddon
Misty Edwards
Justin Rizzo “Found Faithful”

K-Drama’s Behind The Glory – Better Late Than Never!

K- Drama “Behind the Glory” Album Review

Better Late than Never!

Ok, so I slept on this album for a while… I’ve been an irresponsible dj:-( I got it back in 06’, and I knew it was good. I enjoyed a couple of songs like “Waste of Time” and “Let Freedom Bang.” However, Lecrae’s “Jesus Music” came out about the same time, and is one of the greatest albums ever, and that – plus the busyness of life, deejaying, and promoting concerts – kind of distracted me from taking time to listen completely to K-Drama.

But upon further review (listening more to the album last summer)… I have to conclude that K-Drama “Behind The Glory,” released by EMI Gospel/Holy Hip Hop in September 2006 is actually one of the Top 10 Albums in Holy Hip Hop history. It’s right up there with Lecrae & Trip Lee music, Flame, Ambassador, etc… I’m not trying to exaggerate. I listen to a lot of good music. This album is one that I can actually enjoy 95% of the album. There are actually no songs I have to skip consistently. (That is VERY rare for me, even among my favorite rappers and singers). The production is superb, the lyricism is excellent, and the ministry is on point. If you have been sleeping, stop!

The music on this album is one of its greatest strengths. It is studded with gems produced by Tony Stone, Todd Collins, Theory Hazit, Platinum Tips, and Redd Lettaz. Tony Stone really put his foot into this album! K-Drama is a producer himself; he has produced for Lecrae, Flame, R-Swift, Dillon Chase, Json, and others… So I can imagine that he would have an album full of top quality music. But he did a more than excellent job as an executive producer. I can honestly say I have never heard another album where so many different styles of hip hop music come together so perfectly. He has crunk tracks, club tracks, melancholy tracks, west coast tracks, fun tracks, take-you-to-church tracks, midwest styles… etc. They ALL sound good, and not one track sounds out of place. This album is a classic.

K-Drama’s style is very unique, which always puts you a little behind when it comes to popularity. He could have easily copied someone else’s voice, accent, and rhyme scheme and gained inroads to a lot of listeners. However, I tend to appreciate a unique, but still skilled rhyme style. He’s from Cincinnati, Ohio – not the East Coast or Dirty South, so it makes sense that he sounds like himself. However, he still sounds good. He doesn’t try to pass wackness for uniqueness; he knows how to rhyme with skill.

Another thing I appreciate about K-Drama’s music is its down-to-earthiness. He uses the Word of God, but also uses his own life experiences and testimony in his ministry. People tend to be more open to that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against nerdy scripture expositions. I do it all the time because that’s my gift, but I do know that people remember things best by examples. K-Drama’s “Behind the Glory” is an Open Book (a la DA’ TRUTH, but beforehand) into his life! He talks about his struggles in ministry, his middle school and high school days, moving out of his Mom’s house, driving to work in the morning… just about everything! But it’s not without a purpose or an anointing, he always has a point.

His ministry is powerful, his music is excellent, and his style is different. So, better late than never; I had to promote him a little bit! Here is a description of some my favorites from the album:

Behind the Glory

This is the title track… the beat is CRAZY! It’s a soul/shout/banger that seemlessly switches cadences in the middle of the song. It’s truly a gem from Tony Stone. In it K-Drama shares the story of his struggles to make it in the music ministry. His struggles “Behind the Glory” were definitely not glorious! This is my favorite joint.

Let’s Love Em’

This song hits home. In it K-Drama and MC Till tell stories about youth in the church and out that are struggling with drugs, homosexuality, pregnancy, abortion. This song really paints a picture of how horrible things are with our youth in this time… but how we really need to show them LOVE! Love never fails! The track is awesome, laid back, groove produced by Todd Collins.


(featuring the Grammy nominated Canton Jones) This song is meant to show how Canton Jones and K-Drama humbled and honored by the grace of God; and to give thanks for His grace and mercy.1 You know Canton Jones voice’ will add that extra blessing to any track he’s on!

Just a Man

This song is meant to “Expose his neglected childhood; which was the root of sins that are daily challenges until this day.”1 This song’s track makes you meditate as K-Drama stays down to earth and tells you his life struggles. I played this song once at a juvenile detention center and one young man came up and asked me to play it again because he felt it that much. To me that was an example of just how much his music can minister to struggling youth. It does, and K-Drama also does a lot of community work in his hometown of Cincinnati.

Trouble with the Law

This song is a genius presentation of the gospel. It’s a parable that describes how the sins that we commit get us in trouble with the law until God gets us out. This song reminds me of “Off the Hook” by Ambassador, one of the greatest hip hop songs ever made. The beat is a hypnotizing head banger by Theory Hazit.

Waste of Time

In this song that originally caught my attention, K-Drama talks about how he used to be a church pimp. I love this song because it exposes the boyfriend/girlfriend deception that has deceived the last few generations of western relationships and youth culture thought. Musically, it “has a funky, west coast, neo soul feel provided by the mastermind, Tony Stone.” “K-Drama unveils his testimony about his dealings with numerous girlfriends to fulfill the unquenchable void that only Christ can fill. He gets straight to the point of this song by chanting, ‘If yall ain’t getting married, then yall shouldn’t be together. It’s a

waste of time!’” 1 Amen! Western dating/boyfriend/girlfriend relationship culture is an unbiblical lie and a deception that has led many into adultery, divorce, and fatherlessness. It’s very sad… so choose God’s way instead!


This song’s video can be seen here on youtube: ( ).

This song encourages and comforts anyone that’s struggling. He reminds you of Jesus Kingdom doctrine in Matthew 6… Seek the Kingdom and God first and everything will be “OhKay.”

Teeter Totter

This song is one of the hottest on the album, the one that got a lot of folks talking. In it he talks from James 1, about double-minded saints are unstable in all of their ways – kind of like “Teeter Totters.” It’s a rebuke of saints that backslide all the time, ministers that are unfaithful, and Christians that don’t keep their trust in God. Plus its fun! Platinum Tips produced this fire.

Moving On

This is light-hearted maturity song; K-Drama describes to his mother that he’s not “moving out” he’s “moving on.” This is a song that describes the spiritual AND natural growth that a man of God goes through in those transition years from youth to manhood as he prepares for a wife and family. You don’t hear a lot of lifestyle songs like this in hip hop.

That’s a few of the songs. You can get the album to find out more about the rest of the songs. Better late than never! This is a classic album; you definitely want to add it to your hip hop collection. K-Drama is unique, talented, representing the Kindgom, and here to stay! His next album is coming out this Fall 2008. I’ve heard a few tracks from it, and it sounds good. But before it comes out, go pickup “Behind the Glory!”

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