If you want to know what makes me persevere, trust me it’s not pride. It’s because I know that what God has put inside of me is crucial to save many people alive.

God has chosen to work in the earth thru human vessels. Contrary to popular belief God doesn’t just work whatever He wants at random, He works specific things thru specific people at specific times.

That means that if the treasure that’s in us is rejected by us, everyone loses. If you have the cure for cancer but you refuse to study or you shut it down – many people die of cancer. You must release the treasures that Jesus Christ put in you with urgency and with humility, to glorify Him and to save many in the time that you have.

I couldn’t give my calling, my anointing, or my responsibility to my generation away if I wanted to. The gifts and the callings of God are without repentance. You have a great responsibility, calling and gifting to accomplish your purpose for the benefit of everyone who is alive on earth!

BE a pure vessel, don’t sow iniquity and righteousness at the same time. That will destroy both your results and your rewards. Blessings and cursings should not come out of the same mouth. Back up the truth with obedience instead of hypocrisy. Be about your Father’s business and be a blessing!