How to Identify Fake Khristian Nationalizm

How to Identify a Syncretistic version of Christianity I call Fake Khristian Nationalizm:

– Their love for “Amerika” is greater than their love for people.

– They think “God & Country” is one and the same thing.
They may not use that exact phrase, but they have faith in God and faith in their nation/culture, not faith in God for their nation/culture. The “founding fathers” are like their apostles.

– Their love for their community or their nation is not with a missionary mindset it’s with a cultural, ethnic, or at worst “racial” superiority mindset.

– They can never discern hypocrisy vs integrity. They don’t get the connection between saying the right things and also doing the right things.

“Our founders were Christians (and were also Masons)” is not a problem.

“Freedom for all (except those we want free labor from)” is not a problem.

“Truth and Justice for everyone (except those we want to steal land from)” is not a problem.

“This great country is the greatest exporter of the gospel (and pornography & violence)” is not a problem.

– They have no clue about Gods laws of reciprocity – that the “great nation” might perhaps just reap what it has sown.

It makes perfect sense to brag about blessings reaped from the good things our nation has done, but then it’s complete nonsense to notice or warn of recompense for evil things that were done.

Because of this lack of understanding and one-sided vision, there is no urgent need to repent – to cut back to the root and grow new fruit. There is only the need to maybe apologize and definitely keep on winning.

– In the Spirit of winning, they follow the conservative party line, even if it means giving support to a liar, killer, wife abuser, womanizer, or a non-Christian. An endless increase of government power is always justifiable, because we are “a great country.”

Who better to execute God’s plan for “Amerikan Exceptionalizm” than a Narcissistic Psychopath doing “Gods & Country’s” will? Humble servant leaders need not apply – they just can’t get it done.

– They stress out about the liberal media and TV, but they love being pumped up, stressed out, and made bitter by their conservative hypocrite nationializm shows from Glen Bekk, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity.

They couldn’t give those up to see if their thinking could develop into that of a real Kingdom minded Christian not a fake khristian nationializt.

John 18
36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.