Natural Beauty Glorifies The Most High – Your DESIGNER

Women tend to think that beauty is about a “look” – but beauty is really about DESIGN.

The ? is: Do you know your Designer?


WISDOM CRIES OUT! – The Benefits of Creation Law

WISDOM CRIES OUT! But many reject her…
“Too deep”
“Too restrictive”
“Too religious”
“Too boring”
“Too dangerous”
“There’s lions out there in these streets”
“I’m lazy”
“Nobody likes doing that”
“I don’t feel like it”

But when you follow the Laws of the Most High’s Wisdom, Creation, and Design (Sabbath, Covenant Marriage, Diligent Labor, Childbearing, Honoring Parents, Agriculture, Firstfruits/Tithing, Finance, Almsgiving, Business, Math, Science, Engineering): the doors to everyday wisdom and creativity start to open up to your mind.

Happy Sabbath!

3-Fold Cords of Yah’s Law

GOD’s Moral Law, Creation Law, and Financial Law combine to destroy Babylon’s System of Sin, Sickness, Sorcery, and Slavery. A 3-fold cord is not easily broken.