It’s Going Down in the 313

Finally figured out why God keeps showing me 313 (along with 11:11, 8:18, 12:12, 4:44, and 5:55)… 313 was the year that Constantine legalized Christianity and made it the official religion of Rome. Sounds like good news – but he actually swallowed, perverted and corrupted true Christianity.1700 years later in 2013, in the area code 313… God is bringing a complete end to the Greco Roman pagan cultural influences in His Church. What comes out of this will be beautiful, powerful, lifechanging, and completely glorifying to Jesus Christ alone.

Corey Red is back with the History of Christmas – AXES!

BOOM! Corey Red is back. Nothing beats raw truth and Christ-focused history… God is laying an Axe to the Greco Roman pagan influences that SWALLOWED the Church and made it spiritually impotent.

History of Christmas – Corey RED