1st Message from Jesus – How to Eat the Tastiest Fruit in the Universe!

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1st Message:How to Eat the Tastiest Fruit in the Universe!

A Message from Jesus to “The Old Faithful Christian”

Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-11)


Jesus describes Himself:

1. I hold the 7 Stars in My right hand. “I control your leaders.” (Rev 1:20).

2. I walk in between the 7 Candlesticks. “I’m in the Churches” (Rev 1:20).

Why does Jesus describe Himself this way? I believe that He wants the Old Faithful Christians to know that He is still there with them in their midst. He’s saying “I still have your leaders in my hands, I’m still walking around with you, I’m there, I see you, I’m with you.” It’s easy to forget that Jesus is with you, and that He is in control of leaders in the Church, and guiding them with His Word. We must never forget to fellowship with and be followers of other more mature Christians who are in the Word. That’s where Jesus is! If you are not with a group of believers in Jesus, you are not with Jesus!

How do we know that these are “Old Faithful” Christians? Look at how Jesus knows them:

Jesus knows, sees, and is intimately acquainted with their:

1. Works. They worked for God.

2. Labor. They worked in hard circumstances.

3. Patience. They were mature and longsuffering.

4. Can’t bear those that are evil. They had high standards for fellowship.

5. Tested lying apostles. They had good discernment and diligence.

6. They suffered and labored a lot for Jesus name and did not ever quit.

So these weren’t baby Christians… they were very mature and solid. However, Jesus has one thing against them.


They left their first love. Jesus is still there with them, and He sees that they have left Him as their first love.

Instruction /Solution:

1. Remember the place you were before at first.

2. Repent, turn around.

3. Do the first works. “Do the first things you did when you fell in love with me.”

What did you do when you first met God? Maybe you tried to introduce other people to Him and tell them about Him! You may not have been the best at it (God knows I was horrible at it), but at least you tried. Just start trying again! Who knows, you may be better at it now?

Maybe you were curious about the Word of God… you were hungry for it. Well get hungry again! Maybe you enjoyed being with God’s people, whether it was at a church service, at a bible study, prayer meeting… you didn’t care, you just loved being with God’s people.

Whatever it was you did at first, start doing it again. What did you do when you first believed that you don’t do anymore?

OR ELSE [This is not a vain instruction with no consequences for disobedience]:

1. If you don’t obey those instructions, I will come to you quickly and remove your candlestick out its place.

2. Candlestick = church (Rev 1:20). Your group of Christians will no longer have its position, power, and influence that it’s supposed to have.

BUT, You have One more good thing in you.

1. You hate the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also HATE (see 3 Main doctrines Jesus HATES).

He that has an Ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the Churches. (Notice Churches is plural, this message is for several churches). “PAY ATTENTION, this is very important, if you have a spiritual heart to listen, then make sure you listen and research and discover the deeper meanings the Holy Spirit is trying to give to many groups of Christians.”

PROMISE – If you overcome this specific problem, and return to your first love:

“I will give you fruit from the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.”

God is not a man – He wouldn’t lie. He doesn’t make vain promises that don’t mean anything. If God promises you a reward- believe me, it’s something you would want! It’s not a consolation prize.

These are specific directions from Jesus to His Church, and this is a HUGE reward God gives to those who obey. If you are a believer in Christ, your name is already in the book of life, (you have already overcome sin, satan, and the world), but this “extra” overcomer reward is only for those who overcome this specific problem (leaving your first love) that Jesus told them to.

Rekindle your zeal, commitment, and hunger for God that you had at first. “Do the things you did when you first believed in Me.” A lot of older Christians think they are more mature or experienced because they have left their first love, and they don’t do the things they started out doing. But as you see in this message to the Old Faithful Christian, Jesus sees things totally different. He commands us to do the first works.

If you don’t, you will lose your place as a witness (shining light, candlestick) to God’s work in the earth. The church is meant to declare the wisdom of God (Ephesians 3:10). Without the fire of your first love, your candle is not lit. You will lose your “impact” as a group of believers.

If you restore your original fire for God by doing the first works you did when you first believed in Him (love is obedience, Matt 14)… Then not only will you be a member of the Kingdom of Heaven, but you will also have access to eat special fruit from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

Use your imagination here! Imagine how good that fruit will be. If God only promises this to people who overcome that problem, then people who don’t overcome this will NOT get to enjoy that. Imagine not being able to eat that fruit. Remember that these are not useless words. This is something you would really want. These are Jesus’ last direct verbal instructions recorded in the Bible. Do them please. Don’t be an “Old Faithful” Christian that has left your first love.


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