Agnostic to Believer in 37 Minutes – via facebook & youtube

Agnostic to Believer in 37 Minutes – via facebook & youtube

God used me to take a precious soul from agnostic (Truth and Christ Doubter, who had actually just written a note on why they didn’t believe in religion at all) to Believer in 37 minutes. This was not an act and it was not planned. I used my own defense of the faith and linked to the mentioned videos and websites.

I want you to read this and see how simple and powerful the word of God is to a humble heart. I also want you to see how THIRSTY  humble young souls are for the TRUTH




y do u choose christianity


Because God’s Word is verifiably true, and Jesus died on the Cross for my sins. No other religion can give you forgiveness of sins thru the blood sacrifice of God.


isnt there fact in almost every religon?

if there wasent, nobody would believe it


there is a little bit of fact in every religion. But the Truth is in God. satan is a deciever. If he made the lies obvious, nobody would believe him. That’s why he puts a little bit of facts in all his false religions


so how would u know which one


Which one comes from the Creator, and is consistent with the heart of the Creator who made us in His image.

Christianity is the one because its center is Jesus Christ, who is God.


how would u know his true heart

how do u know that


The more you study His Word and History it becomes obvious.


how do u know the bible is “his word”

theres a million religious books

that have fact to back it up


if you study it, you will know that only one matches with history

watch that video, then tell me what you think


watdching now


that’s just a start. I could teach you for hours about the truth of Gods word… books, websites, videos, etc


please do,i want to know

im agmostic as of now


finish that one first


read this right quick okay?

got it


ok i’ll check it


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yep i’m on it


this video is hittin the spot

im glad u actually have a reason in y u choose your religion

your the first ive met

all the others just say because “this is how i was raised” which is a terrible answer


after you are done with that, check, and Send me a message in a few days

we also have a bible study NEXT Monday I want you to come to


hey this is good


yeah i realled liked that!


im suprised

first christian ive met with actual reasoning!


thanx alot

inbox me those websites


oK I will

I’m also going to use this as an example… but I will take your name off of it:-)