Ducking & Hiding the Word is Dangerous

If you don’t repent with real fruit when the gentle Teaching is released, God sends the Prophetic sword. If you fake your repentance or duck & hide when the sharp sward is swung, then you are delivered to Satan and his deception. ( 1 Timothy 1:20) God Himself hardens your heart.
This could mean losing your reward 2 Cor, falling away, 1 thess 2 Cor, or hearing Jesus say “depart from me” Matt 7.

You are no longer a part of the church, even if you go there on Sundays and help out every now and then. You could even be the one on stage, but a wolf in Sheeps clothing. You are no better than an unbeliever without repentance. God has to purge his body from the yeast infection, sand He will send apostolic authority to do it.