Social Media Culture is TRASH. Perfect Love Casts Out Fear!

Social Media Culture is TRASH.

Never be afraid to Talk TO Someone instead of talking ABOUT someone.

If they are important enough to talk ABOUT, then they must also be important enough to talk TO, right? Think about it.

Everybody has a message they can type but can’t put two feet under.

People that know me also know I have said everything I believe directly to them. I don’t subpost, because everything I post publicly, I have ALREADY said directly, whether it be physically face to face, via phone, or direct message.

I am a preacher, not an influencer.

I wasn’t raised in a time when you could hide behind screens and disappear from real life.

I’m soft-spoken by nature, but not soft at all.

Even in business, I’ve been called a quiet bulldog.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear.

When you get mature in love, you won’t be afraid anymore.

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