When the first Great Awakening happened in America, what came next?

The American Revolutionary War.

When the second great Awakening came to America, what came next?

The Civil War.

When the Azusa Street Revival came to America, what happened next?

World Wars 1 and 2.

Revival and Awakening is PREPARING A GENERATION FOR WAR.

Revival is God’s last ditch effort to save souls before war, death, and bloodshed comes to the land.

YAH wants souls to be saved BEFORE war and violence comes! He is MERCIFUL!

The DEFINITION of revival is coming back to spiritual life from the dead.

I heard that the Asbury Revival started when one young man decided to confess his sins openly in the congregation.

Revival, and coming back to spiritual life from the dead is available for ANYONE in ANY CONGREGATION who decides to repent, confess their sins and to keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus.

These wars on American soil have always been signs and markers of the things going on in prophetic history. The transition to the second Beast of Babylon… the Recompense of enslaved Scattered Israelites… the Awakening of Israel… the reestablishment of the first beast of Babylon, etc.

It would take too much time to explain all the prophetic history in this post, but whats happening now is we are in a time when America is being surrounded by obvious enemies without, and there are also hidden enemies within that have been doing acts of war and murder for almost 3 years now.

I did a full teaching about preparing for this a couple months ago, and got banned from Youtube! The day is here where the full truth will be hidden from screens. Yah will only give Grace to the humble and the lowly.

I pray that as many souls are saved as possible before destruction and death comes.

We all need to prepare our souls.

We all need to come back to life.

We all need to confess our sins publicly, and turn back to the 10 Commandments.

We all need to repent from iniquity, pride, vanity, coolness, and fake religion, to follow Jesus in the Way of Holiness.

You be the one. Go start a revival in your own life before destruction comes.

You be the one. Go start a revival in your family so they know how to have eternal life in Christ.

You be the one. Go start a revival in your Congregation so they can have an opportunity to turn their hearts back to Obedience, Prayer, and the Fire of Holiness.

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