YAH Hates your Holidays

“I hate, I despise your feasts, and I take no delight in your holidays.” Amos 5:21

Nope… I no longer participate in any holy days that are connected to IDOLATRY. Pagan things aren’t always a sin, but IDOLATRY IS A SIN BEFORE YAH, and He hates it!

However, this Scripture in Amos 5:21 is about the Israelite Feast Days and Holy Days. YAH hates those too! There are hypocrites on both sides of the holiday ditch that always seem to get extra excited these times of the year.

I’ve noticed that it’s mainly the Hypocrites that are focused on Holy Days. It’s so easy to go from one set of holidays to another set of holidays, but never have a heart that is transformed by the YAH’s Spirit. True Disciples of Christ are Focused on the HOLY GHOST!

HOLY GHOST Power, the Boldness and the Gifts to Help Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus.

HOLY GHOST FRUITS, the Spirit of love overflowing inside, goodness directed to others, and meekness towards YAH’s Spirit.

HOLY GHOST WISDOM that is pure and peaceable and gentle, not trying to start fights and debates but trying to help people.

When you actually have the HOLY GHOST, EVERY DAY is a Holy Day!

Whatever you choose to do on a “holiday”, don’t do any idolatry, and don’t put it above holiness. Also don’t put ANY holiday whether pagan or Mosaic above COMMUNION with the New Covenant Eclessia and the FEAST of CHARITY centered on Christ.

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