Financial Power over Babylon’s Scams

Its important not to be covetous and its very important to reject the love of money.

But in times like these, where Babylon is actively falling, it’s also important to know the difference between MONEY versus CURRENCY.

Money has inherent God-given value, utility, desirability, portability, and durability, and it was created by the Creator Elohim.

Currency is designed and designated by men, as a medium of exchange, and it can go up and down in value like a current of water.

Financial Power over Babylon’s Scams

CASINOS, CANNABIS, SPORTS-BETTING, BITCOINS, LOTTERY, FAKE FIAT MONEY, DEBT, and LONG TERM INFLATION… there’s so many ways a dying empire comes up with to steal your wealth, money and your heart away from you.

There’s also a lot of complicated financial schemes, budgeting plans, and tracking systems that can totally stress your life.

I can tell you that I have found the greatest financial peace and power when I cut out all of Babylon’s complicated money mindset traps and focus on Just 4 Simple things:

– WORKING Diligently, 6 Days a week, Resting and Serving on the Sabbath
– TITHING 10% to an Ordained New Covenant Priesthood of Servants that Teaches the Gospel of Jesus, Worships YAH, and ministers to the Poor, Fatherless & Widows.
– SAVING 10% for my family’s future.
– GIVING Alms and Gleanings of my Work to the Poor and by Helping those in Need.

Doing these 4 SIMPLE and UNCOMPLICATED financial steps is not only the main way to be BLESSED by God financially… it’s also God’s HIDDEN STRATEGY that He has given HIS OWN PEOPLE to DEFEAT and DESTROY SYSTEMS of OPPRESSION!

With everything else: keep it simple, buy what you need, payoff debts, and stay away from Babylon’s scams.

Babylon is fallen. The Kingdom is Always Rising for those that follow YAH’S WAYS.

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