God’s Church isn’t in Trouble. Man’s Church is.

When you follow deceivers, you end up deceived. When the blind lead the blind, both fall into the ditch.

Leave the Jezebel🚩 church, the Entertainment🚩 church, the Disobedient🚩 church.

Leave the Political🚩 church, the Marketing & Sales🚩 church, and the Internet/Social Media/Chat group🚩 church.

Find Discipleship in the Kingdom.👑 Find Worship in the Spirit and in Truth.🙏🏽 Find Decency and Order.📖 Find Healing, Deliverance, and UNCOMFORTABLE Growth in Obedience.🔥

You will find exactly what you seek.👀 If you can’t find it, you don’t want it.👀 God sees your heart.👀

Personal Responsibility comes with SO MANY REWARDS! #discipline #discipleship #doersonly

Keep the Commandments of God, and the Faith of Jesus.

We are all exactly where we want to be, reaping exactly what we have sown with our lips and actions.

Stop the blame game.

If you want change, then change on the inside!

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