Vaccine and Plandemic Murder Equation

Yes, they did modify and patent the Coronavirus… but Viruses have ALWAYS been here.

Yes, they did release 5G across the earth… but EMF Radiation Poisoning has ALWAYS been here.

How did they turn these NORMAL things that your immune system deals with every day into a MASS MURDER OPERATION?

Remdesivir+Ventilators-NaturalHealth = [(Premeditated Murder+False Autopsies-Truth)×$$$]^FEAR = Plandemic Marketing Strategy

This Marketing Strategy was created to sell Billions of dollars in Vaccines, which have murdered and severely harmed hundreds of thousands more, and counting.

FDA reports on the murderous results of the Covid vaccines.

Remdesivir was a key element of the murderous treatment plan.

Dr. MCullough reveals how everyone was herded towards hospitals and vaccines.

Harvard Epidemiologist uncovers the real reason for lockdowns.

Spartacus Scientific Whistleblower

Sorcery Deceives all Nations Video

(Done 2 whole years before the pandemic!)

watch the research video

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