It’s VERY EASY for Lucifer to imitate the voice of Yah, because Lucifer is one of the original archangels of light, and he dwelt in the presence of the Most High.

What you thought you heard from God could have been the devil himself.

I’ve seen the devil steal SO MUCH from so many gifted prophets that don’t submit to “IT IS WRITTEN.”

Even Jesus Himself responded to the devil with “IT IS WRITTEN!” Nobody’s gift is better than the Son of God!

Learn how to interpret what you feel or what you heard or what you dreamed thru the lense of 👉🏾DOING👈🏾 “WHAT IS WRITTEN.”

Just because you hear it, dream it, sense it, or discern it, doesn’t mean its God/not God. You have to judge it by the will and Word of God.

Even Jesus had to judge everything He heard by God’s will (John 5:30). What makes us think we are more anointed than Jesus?

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