When you pray against child trafficking, sex trafficking, racism, or financial or medical oppression… God is going to answer you with HIS ANSWERS – NOT YOURS.


– Repenting from Adultery and Restoring the Covenant Marriage and Family is how God restores the protection of innocent children.

– Returning to Honoring the 10 Commandments is how God restores the protection of the weaker vessels, the fatherless, and the widow.

– Honoring and Submitting to Good Men who are called to Give Protection is how God restores protection of the weaker vessels and fatherless children.

– Following and Supporting Gospel Preaching and Commandment-Keeping Pastors and Elders is how God restores protection of those that need spiritual, financial, emotional, or physical healing.

– Finding Godly, Beloved Physicians that honor God’s Natural Health Law is how God protects and restores those that have been medically abused or deceived by medical sorcery.

– Restoring Biblical, New Covenant Culture and Prophetic Understanding of History is how God fights against racial and economic sorcery.

When our creative ideas and solutions are SUBMITTED to God’s Solutions, they can be helpful and useful.

But if we IGNORE God’s Solutions, our crusades, efforts, ideas, and solutions are ultimately fruitless and ineffective over time.

If we really want our prayers and our efforts to support and protect the weak and oppressed to be fruitful, and not to BACKFIRE on us, we must first listen to GOD’S Answers and Submit to HIS Ways.

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