Beating COVID with a Grocery Bag

“And if you get a respiratory illness, come to the hospital and put on a respirator that makes respiration more difficult!”

I WISH this was a joke😥

WARNING: This Post goes against Facebook Community Standards because it’s based on truth and will help you stay alive…

In the beginning of 2020, our whole family got sick. It was before all the panic so we didn’t know what it was but it was stronger than normal. The children got over it, but it stuck with me for a while.

When I got tired of being sick and coughing up phlegm I decided to put a couple of ginger roots in a blender with some juice. After I drunk the ginger smoothie I even sucked the ginger pulp. It was gingery but nothing special.

About an hour later my whole body started to heat up. I got faint and had to lay down. All sorts of mucus started coming out and I had to constantly spit it out. I couldn’t even go to sleep. Just heat, pain, and spitting all night long. After about 4am I think I fell asleep.

When I woke up I felt normal, not even sick anymore. The ginger purged my body about 95%

Even after that I still had a nagging respiratory cough for about a month. I don’t know how I found out about it but I discovered Plantain leaf tea. Plantain leaf tea killed the symptoms that last 5% of whatever it was that I had.

A couple weeks later, the pandemic started. I did lots of research with lots of different Natural doctors, Beloved physicians, and Nurses on the front lines… Most of family & friends either didn’t get Covid, or when they got it, they easily got rid of it within a week or two because of the knowledge we were seeking out, and teaching and helping others with.

To this day I still do not personally know of ONE person that died of COVID-19.

I thank the MOST HIGH YAH for Beloved Physicians and Anointed Nurses that are courageous enough to spread the Truth during this time when liars and actors are destroying many many lives needlessly.

Proverbs 11:9 An HYPOCRITE with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through KNOWLEDGE shall the just be DELIVERED.

Check this blog for the list of groceries that I gave to people that made everyone better.

Here’s the Grocery Bag Testimony:

Just today alone I’ve talked to 3 people that had COVID-19 and are recovered from it. The one who recovered the fastest recovered after I dropped off a bag of groceries to them. In that bag of groceries from the health food store was:

2 organic Beets (bloodflow/iron/vitamin C)
2 organic Red Peppers (vitamin C/detox)
2 organic Garlic Bulbs (antiviral)
2 organic Ginger roots (detox/antimicrobial)
1 bottle of 4000iu vitamin D drops. (Immune system)
1 bottle of Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc gel capsules. (Oxygenation/Cellular regeneration)

I am not a doctor – these are just GROCERIES!

I just dropped off a $40 bag of groceries. I did not offer any medical advice, I just dropped it off on the porch and didn’t even knock on the door.

My Vaccine Exemption:
Luke 5:31
JESUS answering said unto them, They that are whole NEED NOT a physician; but they that are sick.

Here are some other testimonies:

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