Jesus Suffered More than You

Jesus suffered more Pain than you.
Jesus suffered more Trauma than you.
Jesus suffered more Rejection than you did.
Jesus was Despised and taken advantage of much much more than you have been.
Jesus did nothing wrong, yet He was beaten and killed to pay the price for people that still to this day don’t respect or obey Him.
Jesus was forsaken by His own Father in His most Difficult Moment. He was abandoned.

On your judgement day, it will be too late to tell your story. You have to learn His Story now.

You won’t be able to keep making excuses to the One who suffered more than you did. He Suffered the Most.

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

If you Keep Listening to your Heart… you will Keep ruining your Life.

If you Start listening to Instruction from God, you will Make your Life Better.

He offers Forgiveness, Healing, and Deliverance for you if you Repent from Sin and Obey Him.

Give Him Praise: “Jesus the price you paid was TOO GREAT for you not to receive EXACTLY what you paid for! You can have MY WHOLE SOUL, HEART, MIND, MOUTH, BELLY, AND BODY!”

1. Repent to God: TURN AWAY from your sinful ways and thoughts, and Keep God’s 10 Commandments.
2. Believe in and Obey Jesus the King: The Son of God’s Death, Burial, and Resurrection gave you the opportunity to get FORGIVENESS and SALVATION from your sins.
3. Get Baptized in Water: For your NEW LIFE and your New Beginning.
4. Pray for an Overflow of the Holy Spirit: Receive the POWER TO OBEY God, Demonstrate, and Tell others everything you have seen and heard about Jesus.
5. Be Taught and DISCIPLED in the Scriptures.
6. CONNECT with a Commandment keeping Assembly of Believers.
7. LISTEN to God’s Voice and OBEY God daily.

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