The Book of Hebrews tore down the Jerusalem Temple stone by stone

The Book of Hebrews was a Prophetic Teaching that Tore Down the Jerusalem Temple – stone by stone, in the spirit – 2 Whole Years before it was torn down – stone by stone – in real life.

Hosea 2:11 was the first strike.
Matthew 24:2 was the second hit.
The Book of Hebrews was the final blow.
Then 2 years later in A.D. 70, the Roman army came.

Now: the ECCLESIA IS the Temple, YASHUA (not Moses) is High Priest, and our Holiness is not found in Holy Days – but in the HOLY GHOST.

I don’t trust no Hebrews that spend more time learning on YouTube than they do learning the book of Hebrews.
#itsthatsimple #newcovenant

Never underestimate the Authority of the Word of God Spoken by a Obedient Doer.
#NewCovenantAuthority #NewCovenantOrder #AngelsFightforUs #DoersOnly

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