Codex Sinaiticus or Textus Receptus

Quick Bible Version Lesson:

Codex SINAITICUS: “Discovered” in the 19th century by Constantin von Tischendorf in a Roman Catholic Monastery.

Codex VATICANUS: “Discovered” in the 16th century by Deridius Erasmus – a Roman Catholic Priest, the Father of Humanism, and the inventor of Divorce & Remarriage False Teaching.

TEXTUS RECEPTUS: “Compiled” by Erasmus in the 16th century from hand-written copies of the Scriptures that had been handed down and received from Believers over the centuries.

Use your Common Sense:

Which of these is are most likely to be closest to the original Scriptures?

The one that was “Compiled” from multiple verifiable handwritten copies that were already known?

Or the ones that were conveniently “Discovered” by the Beast System as a response to the many witnesses of Sound Truth?

Don’t let the Lying Scholars fool you!

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