Q: Where is that in the bible that satan can speak inside of prophetic gift? I’m asking because I’ve never seen that in the word.

A: “Every Good and perfect gift comes from above”(James 1:17)… “Gifts and callings are without repentance” (Romans 11:29)… These Scriptures mean that only God gives gifts and He doesn’t take them back.

God gives good gifts, but satan can use those gifts if we let him.

In Acts 16 the woman was possessed with a demon but she was prophesying. That means she had a God given gift to see things in the spiritual realm, but Satan had given her a demon to inspire her gift.

If I have a gift of teaching, or wisdom… but ignore or neglect Yah’s Law, Satan can twist my wisdom and my pride can make me wise in my own conceits (ideas, thoughts).

Even in 1 Kings 22 there is an example of God putting a lying spirit in the mouth of the prophets because the kings were evil and the prophets just wanted to tell the kings what they wanted to hear instead of telling them the truth.

Satan was perfect in wisdom and was great at merchandising (Ezekiel 28). Satan was at the Throne and he knew Yahuah’s presence and anointing.

Satan is and was the most gifted of all creation, and he knows how to get in and twist our gifts. When we let pride inside we’ll never know the difference.

Many zealous, immature, or unlearned people tend to trust their gifts, dreams, talents, abilities more than they trust God’s Commandments, Scriptural Authority, and Gods Order.

That’s why the Fear of the Lord is our Treasure, even more valuable than our gifts and talents (Isaiah 33:6). We have to submit our gifts to Him.

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