Learn How to Be A Servant with Faith

Being mistreated for doing righteousness is part of being a servant
Look at Jesus.
Endure for your Reward.💪🏾God will send one person to mistreat you and then send another to bless you to test if you Trust Him not man. #servewithgladnessGod will let one steal from you but then send another to bless you 7x to see if you treat them the same.

Learn How to Serve God in Faith!Trust Him while you Serve Him and don’t look to people for your validation.

Look to the Most High who moves human hearts. He knows how to reward you both now and in eternity.

Serving in faith is not just a ministry skill, its also a life skill, and a business skill.

Our families, congregations, and businesses should be full of good and faithful servants who know how to serve in faith for eternal rewards.

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