Q: Wondering if you have a routine for your day? I find that I’m caught up in the present information and I’d rather be caught up in the Word. How do you balance these?

A: I can’t claim to be the most disciplined person. But my best tool is my Kjv Daily Walk bible from walk thru the bible ministries. It gives me something to focus on every day and helps me read thru the bible year after year. If I miss a day, I just go to the next day.

I’ve been reading this bible for almost 23 years and it has been a tremendous blessing because it’s a no condemnation cover-to-cover bible reading plan that you can go thru every year. If you miss a day, just go to the next day. His mercy is brand new every morning!

Also, every 7 days is a rest day where you can either review or just pray.

Recently this bible has also become a blessing for my family because it allows us to read the bible thru together and talk about it.

Just like everyone else, I use Apps and Websites for research and bible reading… but there is something about kinesthetic learning with pen & paper that is very strong for our souls.

Other than that I just look up the Scriptures that God brings to my Spirit. Those tend to keep our conversation going. Also my writing and blogging helps me to process His Word and keeps our relationship growing and progressing. I hope that helps!

Here’s a few links where you can pick up the Daily Walk KJV:





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