How Does The Spirit of Jezebel Manifest?

How Does The Spirit of Jezebel Manifest?

Jezebel was the daughter of a king, and became the wife of Ahab, King of Israel. She led him into idolatry; she was controlling, manipulative, operated in disorder by ruling over her husband, she was against God and His true prophets, and she supported prophets of the false God Baal. She threatened Elijah, a true prophet of God with death.

Jezebel was clearly operating under a high level of demonic influence. Although she is dead the tactics she used to oppose the things of God are still used by the demonic realm today. This is what people are referring to when they discuss the spirit of Jezebel.

The spirit of Jezebel can manifest in many different ways and effect your life in many different areas:

  • It is spiritual, manifesting in spiritual leaders who are controlling, manipulative and disobedient to God by bringing idolatry, adultery, or fornication into a Congregation.
  • It can manifest through compromising ministry that mixes with the world in order to gain influence.
  • It can manifest in a marriage, in a wife who is disrespectful and disobedient to her husband, taking leadership and control in her home over her husband.
  • It can manifest naturally with financial resources and support being negatively affected as you begin to speak the truth and call people to repentance.
  • It can manifest in ungodly female leadership usurping authority in the congregation of God.

Women have many gifts and callings that are essential in God’s kingdom, but they are not to usurp authority over a man.

The spirit of Jezebel can manifest in threats against you in the spirit realm or in the natural as you move in the ministry and calling God has given you calling people to repentance.

When you begin to walk in God’s order, the spirit of Jezebel can try and get a foothold in your home anyway through friends and extended family who operate in  high level of disorder and subtly influence your children and the flow in your home through the example of sin in their life.

If you feel like the spirit of Jezebel is manifesting against you in anyway…CALL OUT TO THE LORD FOR DELIVERANCE.

  1. First, repent for allowing the spirit of Jezebel to operate through you.
  2. Then ask God to deliver you from that spirit personally and to close any open doors in your heart where the enemy can gain access.
  3. Then ask God to deliver you from the spirit of Jezebel in every way and be ready to act when he shows you what to do and/or who to cut ties with.

Sometimes the deliverance will be automatic, God will just do it, sometimes He requires you to act on what He shows you for the deliverance to take place.

Either way, flee, take courage and walk in the Spirit of God with intense prayer, fasting, worship and meditating on God’s word. And you will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of YOUR testimony. Tell your testimony when you receive deliverance and you will have the VICTORY!

Scriptural references: Story of Jezebel 1 Kings 16 through 2 Kings 9, Revelations 2:20  


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