Q: I was talking with someone about some of the things I’ve been understanding lately about who the lost tribes are and where we find ourselves in the Bible… I went on to explain how it was helpful for me to witness to people my age, who cannot begin to accept the gift of salvation because they are hung up on: “how can you follow a religion that was forced on slaves?”… when it comes to evangelism, I understand that there are cults who prey on the emotions of black people and actually do turn them into racists, but where does THIS truth belong when you are trying to share the gospel?

A: All truth is fair game when preaching the gospel. Primarily because the gospel is always surrounded by repentance, and repentance is for all levels of society: priests, people, princes, and kings (Jeremiah 1, Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3).

Any topic with biblical backing matters and is useful in evangelism secondarily because we are preaching a Kingdom not a marketing plan or membership plan. Feel free to preach how the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit leads you.…/be-accountable-for-the-obedience…/

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