I pray Kobe was right with God

I was surprised at the feelings I had when I heard Kobe passed. I didn’t cry but I felt it. Its normal to feel sad when you lose someone you know personally – or a public figure that you know of.

I was a big fan of Kobe in his adidas & afro days. His adidas shoes had so much grip on the court, they probably are the reason I still wear adidas to this day – even though he switched to Nike. When I grew out my afro little children actually thought I was Kobe Bryant and asked for my autograph lol!

This moment reminds me of when Pac & Biggie died. Cultural icons fulfill some portion of Yah’s purpose whether they choose Him or not. Use this moment to think about your eternity and the value of your chase for excellence. When it’s all over what will you really have?

Let the Kingdom of God be your treasure – store up riches in heaven. Leave a generational legacy of integrity and righteousness in the gospel, not just wealth.

Much comfort and prayers for all the families affected by this tragedy.

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