Trump’s Spiritual Advisor and her 3rd Husband

Come on Saints it’s SUPER-SAD when the world has more discernment and prophetic accuracy than we do!

3 Doctrines that Jesus Hates (from Rev 2,3):

1. Doctrine of BALAAM (commercialized prophetic ministry, performance hypocrisy & entertainment, buying & selling in the temple, merchandising in Gods house)

2. Doctrine of JEZEBEL (Rebellion, mixture in ministry, mixing the Holy with the profane, seduction into idolatry by leadership, feminism)

3. Doctrine of NIKOLAITANS (false authority, political sorcery, denominational sorcery, racial sorcery, conquering people instead of serving/teaching people)

Fornication spreads thru congregations.
Idolatry spreads thru congregations.

I’m so tired of God’s sheep being spiritually eaten alive and seeing families suffer!

Any Pastors or spiritual leaders that defend these 3 doctrines that Jesus Hates – it’s because THEY ARE DOING AND TEACHING THESE 3 DOCTRINES THAT JESUS HATES.

They are either in ADULTERY, or IDOLATRY, and they are just trying to SELL OUT THEIR NEXT CONFERENCE/CONCERT.


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