3 Forms of Spiritual Warfare

Yah uses His servants that have REVELATION to PRAY the PRAYERS that OTHERS CAN’T PRAY and speak out the Words that others will not speak.

1. Yes, we use our revelation to OBEY FIRST.

2. Yes, we use our revelation to TEACH OTHERS and PREACH.

3. However one of the most important ways that God can use you when He shows you His Truth is that He can use you to pray and speak words of accuracy into the earth.

There are certain prayers that can only be prayed by those that have understanding.

God needs those with revelation of Truth to pray certain things into the earth. Then the Ruler of Hosts can release these things thru His Angelic Armies.

Jeremiah 27:18
But if they be prophets, and IF the word of the Lord be with them, LET THEM NOW make INTERCESSION to the LORD of HOSTS…

This is just an encouragement to us all – the wisdom & knowledge that God is giving you; don’t let it make you feel sad, or lonely.

When your eyes open and you start to see the angels fighting for you – you stop fighting with people!

Let God use you to pray the prayers He’s putting in your belly. Let Him wake you up and use you in the Night Watches.

He wants you to speak His Words in His presence, so He can send His Angelic Hosts – Flames of Fire doing His Work!

Psalm 104:4 Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire

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