Find A New Shepherd

False Shepherds aren’t motivated to give you the training and instruction in righteousness, holiness, purity, and manhood that you really need because:

1.You are their food, not their fruit. Their fruit is their ego and cashflow. They are too busy building up their selfish name brands and movements.

2. They would rather feed off of your iniquities and inadequacies than heal you and build you up in the Messiah. You being weak, childish, and disobedient is a benefit to them because it keeps you dependent on them and they can build a movement off of it.

3. They themselves are broken and therefore they have no way to help you get delivered from your demons and wounds, or your envy, pride, rebellion, and lust. They refuse Christ’s Authority – so they actually just don’t have it.

That’s why false Shepherds leave you in your sin. It’s too late in the game to follow false shepherds… Persecution only harms the physical. Spiritual Wolves actually CONSUME YOU and endanger your SOUL and your ETERNITY.

False Anointings are THEE MOST DANGEROUS part of the Beginning of Sorrows/Great Tribulation.

If you desire humility and you seek purity, the Cheif Shepherd WILL LEAD YOU to a flock where you can actually repent, grow, and be healed and delivered.

#findanewshepherd #housetohouse #houseofprayer

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