The 2nd Sin in Scripture the Murder of A Shepherd

Cain vs Abel

False Worship vs True Worship

Work of your Hands vs Sacrifice of the Lamb

Rebellion & Envy vs Obedience & Suffering

Cain and Abel were both Worshippers

Cain’s offering would have been accepted if he was willing to obey Yah and partner with his brother Abel.

Cain gave YAH a crappy offering simply because he didn’t want to give Abel a tithe. #nolove #creationlawisimportant #bitterness #murder

It’s important for Businessmen to maintain giving relationships with Shepherds rather than to rebel against Yah’s Law by offering God the work of their hands.

Cain decided that he would rather MURDER his brother than give him a TITHE for a LAMB to offer a sacrifice pleasing to YAH. #envy

Cain was determind to offer Yah the works of his own hands rather than work w/a SHEPHERD to give FIRSTFRUITS for a LAMB. 👀❤️🔟/💯

Cain’s rebellion against the law of YAH led to envy of his BROTHER.
2 Relationships Ruined for pride and selfishness.

The 1st sin led to the murder of a lamb. Cain not OFFERING for a SLAIN LAMB, led to the 2nd sin – MURDER of a SHEPHERD 👀❤️🔟/💯

CAIN! God loves the work of your hands! He gave it to you! You are blessed!

But he won’t accept the work of your hands in heaven. Don’t kill your brother in your heart just because God made him a shepherd.

Just do what’s right, give your firstfruits, and worship God together. That’s what God wants!

Don’t be a murderer, be a worshipper.

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